Lehrstuhl für Immunologie & Pathophysiologie

Pathophysiology is the study of bodily functions that have been altered by disease and the development of this disease based on findings from biochemistry, genetics, physiology, histology and anatomy. Our courses extensively deal with disease mechanisms in different organs and tissues.


Interaction: Teaching and research

Immunology is a multidisciplinary field of medicine. Our research emphasis is on immune mechanisms that form the basis of autoimmune disease, allergies, immune tolerance, immunosenescence and cancer. Furthermore, we investigate the role of exogenous dietary factors in disease processes. Dietary factors interact with the gut microbiome and immune cells in the gut and appear to be highly significant in the development of disease. The cells of the immune system develop from hematopoietic stem cells throughout an individual's lifetime. The investigation of long-lived lymphocytes and aspects of hematopoiesis provides insight into tissue regeneration and aging. The staff members in our division integrate the latest findings from their research areas into courses on pathology and therapeutic approaches.